Tree Trunks

Shot with an Olympus OM-2, Zuiko MC Auto-S 50mm f/1.4 on Kodak Superia 400.

I take pictures of mostly common places but what you’ll notice in my photos is that it’s not just about the subject matter but how the light affects the scene. I stood back to frame the trees and took the picture hand held at 1/8th of a second with aperture f/2. I knew f/2 would be too shallow but I was using what light that was left. The sun had set and the reflection of the sun’s rays off the sky was all that’s left or sky light as I understand it. Even lighting, subdued, sky light makes for an emotional connection to scenes and subjects, including people. I knew this shot wasn’t going to come out sharp, depth of field would be shallow, but I have this affinity for somber lighting which I seem to connect with.

Another set of trees, different day, same park. Evidently this is more sunny than the last shot but notice the long shadows, it is about the time of the golden hour. This light also gives an emotional connection through the way the light falls on the sides of the trunks. More detail is visible because of the light is practically falling side-ways, giving details to rough textures. Also notice the repetition of light and dark? Time to wrap up the day. Slow down, and recap what’s been accomplished. That’s the feeling when I took this shot.


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