Lita Albuquerque Mural Monument

Shot with a Nikon FA and a Nikkor 28mm f/2.8 on Polaroid CN 400 35mm film.

I’ve passed this mural by Kent Twitchell, hundreds of times driving north-bound on the 101 freeway going through down town LA. Only now did I actually take a photo of it and Googled who’s in the picture. She is Lita Albuquerque, an environmental artist, painter and sculptor. What you see is a before shot of the mural c/o Google Maps (©Google). The other is a motion blurred image I took from my car as I passed workers restoring it to its original state. On the opposite side of this mural (south-bound) is of Jim Morphesis by the same artist. I’ll be photographing that next time.


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