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Papillon & the Natural History Museum, June 24th

Our visit to Exposition Park in Los Angeles was our second time. This time with Harrison. We figured it was a great place to find out more about dinosaurs since Shepard has had a craving for prehistoric animals since his visit to the Discovery Center in Orange. Plus, he got to see Jurassic Park recently. He’s so into dinos that he imitates T-Rex. He makes this really funny expression on his face; beady eyes and lower lip sticking out. He crouches down and with two fingers, like small stubby arms of T-Rex. Then he starts walking around with gigantic steps like a predator in search of prey. So seeing the dinosaur exhibit at the Natural History Museum was a real treat for both Shepard and Harrison. Plus they got to see the Butterfly exhibit just outside the museum. Real butterflies flutter around you in this enclosed habitat just for them. Shepard was really anxious to touch them but he only got to touch the caterpillars. For a slide show, click HERE. Enjoy.

Natural History Museum of Los AngelesPapillon

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