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Disney California Adventure, June 1st

Look Ma, no flash!  I actually don’t own one so I had no choice.  Why did we go to California Adventure so late you say?  Well you see, once upon a time, there was this bank that offered its customers half off admission tickets and between 4pm to 1am, the park stayed opened just for some 7000 customers who attended.  So we went.  Normally the park closes at 9pm so it was less crowded and lines were only 15 minutes of wait time.  Surely it would have been 30-60 min wait during rush hour traffic.  Shepard and Harrison were in awe when as they saw the Electric Parade pass by.  At least I think it was awe.  You know that look when your mouth hangs open and you just sit there with a glazed look in your eye.  Then at 9:00pm it was a double treat for Shepard because right after he got to see the fireworks next door at Disneyland.  Harrison fell asleep – bed time for him.  Other things we got to see and do you’ll see below.  Hope you enjoy.

California Adventure

California Adventure

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