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Fujicolor NPS 160 Professional

Olympus OM-4T, Zuiko MC Auto-W 1:2 f=35mm, Zuiko Auto-S 50mm f/1.2.  Fujicolor NPS 160 Professional (expired film). My first roll of this stuff. Got 20 rolls at about $3.00 each after shipping on eBay. First impressions? Nice fine grain, though not as fine as Kodak’s Portra 160. A little cooler than Fuji’s 400H and a bit more contrasty. Though I still like the rendition of colors. I shot this roll at ISO 80 on my OM-4T. Not very tolerant for underexposure but then again, this is expired film.  Good saturation on longer exposures like in the panning shots.

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