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Easter at Descanso, April 7th

We thought it would turn out to be a rainy day at Descanso Gardens; it started to sprinkle when we got there. But Southern California weather never ceases to amaze me. It stayed pretty dry but cloudy which made the the light diffused. Perfect for taking pictures. So, I used my 135mm lens most of the time and observed my kids from far away to watch what they do best–play. It is a day before Easter so they got to partake in the Easter Egg hunt provided by the folks at the Garden. Shepard was a natural when finding the eggs. He found about half a dozen. Harrison on the other hand didn’t quite understood the concept yet. But big brother shared a few of his found treasures. Ultimately, they had all forgotten about the Easter Eggs and were more interested in the candies that accompanied them. We had lots of fun watching them.

Easter at Descanso GardensEaster at Descanso Gardens

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