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Old Town Monrovia – Farmer’s Market, April 6th

Every Saturday night in Old Town Monrovia, right off the 210 Fwy on Myrtle Ave. the town closes about 10 blocks of the street to host a farmers market. Just around 6pm, vendors line the street from local food vendors to arts & crafts makers. The street wafts with the aroma of BBQ and freshly popped kettle corn. It’s hard to decide where to eat because everything looks and smells so good. But we ended up going to Jake’s Roadhouse for some BBQ chicken and polish sausage. Yup, we ate right on the street. This place is fitting of the title “Old Town” with their very own Krikorian Premiere Theatre. The facade of the theater gives a sense you’ve gone back in time with its neon lights. It was enjoyable, but for the most part, it was the food that made it worthwhile.

Old Town MonroviaOld Town Monrovia

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