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Nicholas’ 1st Birthday, July 28th

Last Saturday Shepard and Harrison had loads of fun at Nicholas’ 1st Birthday Party. It was held at the home of Justin’s sister in Pasadena. If was loads of fun because there were lots of kids to play with. There was a big jumper, large yard with a swing set, party balloons, and lots of […]

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Seeing Black & White

It’s tough to find the right shot that can make a perfect black and white photo. As I look through my work, It’s not so easy to find one to convert to B&W. I guess I’m not seeing in black & white when I take pictures. As an exercise, I dug through some 2000+ photos […]

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Japan, circa 2001

Sometime in the Spring of 2001, before Shepard and Harrison were twinkles in their mother’s eye, we took a trip to Japan. Hamamatsu, Tokyo, Kyoto, and Atami were some of the wonderful places we traveled to. Atami is a beautiful seaside resort area which I highly recommend. We stayed in a ryokan style hotel where […]

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Aztek Dancers, circa 1991

These are a few of my favorite images. These dancers performed in Balboa Park around when I was going to college in San Diego. I like these images because of the subject matter and the intricate details of their costumes.  I also like the way the sun was setting low at the time that gave […]

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Random, July 17th

This photo was taken on Pismo Beach near San Luis Obispo. I used an Asahi Pentax 67 with a 90mm lens. This is a medium format film camera. The film was Ektachrome 120. I really liked the way this camera was designed because it feels like a 35mm SLR, only bigger. This camera renders beautiful […]

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Random, July 17th

You ever heard some old foggie say “I remember when gasoline was just a nickel a gallon”? Well when my kids grow up have their own kids, I might say the same thing (with inflation factored in). Of course I have proof. This photo was taken in the early 90’s when I visited San Luis […]

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Random, July 17th

I’d like to try something different this time. I’ve recently come across some old photos I took back when I was attending college in San Diego. I was visiting Balboa Park when I came across a man preaching the gospel and behind him you see his followers. I was young and really didn’t have interest […]

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Descanso, July 13th

Today is Friday the 13th but Shepard and Harrison were in luck. The fridge was empty so off to McDonald’s we went for breakfast. Then a visit to Descanso Gardens was a surprise treat. And for lunch, chicken nuggets and soda. Yep, a second trip to Mickey D’s. Please visit my Descanso Gardens Photo Book […]

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Happy 4th of July, July 4th

We had a leisurely day at the backyard where Connie picked a few nice ears of corn from our garden. It is as sweet as they say when it’s picked fresh straight from the garden to the grill. After a dip in the pool, the kids were hungry for corn, watermelon, BBQ ribs, and garlic […]

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Beach Party, June 28th

We had a beach party at Huntington Beach for a very unusual occasion. It was someone’s birthday. While Shepard and Harrison’s aunt and cousins were here, we thought it would be fitting to celebrate at the beach with a bonfire. Dolor, Sebastian, Samuel, Margaret, and Apollo were there to celebrate with the festivities. It was […]

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